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Saturday, September 22, 2007

entry arrow11:59 PM | A Toast to Friends

Tell me who your friends are..., so the saying starts. If that rest of that saying is true, I'm in good over-achieving company. Gibbs Cadiz celebrates his 37th birthday, and continues to be the most effective promoter of Philippine theater today. Mark Xander Fabillar has launched a new line of really cool shirts called The Vegan Prince (Shirts With a Twist) -- and he's now accepting orders. (Email him.) My best friend Kristyn Maslog-Levis is unveiled as a photographer of note by CNet Australia. Gelo Suarez has a new book of poetry titled Dissonant Umbrellas: Notes Toward a Gesamtkunstwerk, which he did in collaboration with some of the best young visual artists today. Andrew Drilon is now part of The Chemistry Set, with his Kare-Kare Comics. Jun Lana is premiering his new film Roxxxane. Clee Andro Villasor unveils his latest independent film, Igsoon, which he shot in Cebuano. Enrico Lagasca and the Philippine Madrigal Singers won the distinction of being the best choir in the world by winning the European Grand Prix. Dean Francis Alfar pushes Philippine speculative fiction further with the publication of his short story collection The Kite of Stars, the first title off the new Anvil Fantasy imprint of the Philippine publishing giant. Congratulations, guys!


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