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Thursday, March 13, 2008

entry arrow12:15 AM | Looking for the Gucci Gang?

People are complaining that Australian Brian Gorrell/Shane's electrifying blog (that had half the Philippines hooked with its delicious dishing out about the so-called Gucci Gang) is gone. Oh, come on. This is the Internet. Nothing online is ever gone. Just use your coconut and a knowledge of how Google works. Everything's still there, hehehe. Everything.

Don't ask me how.

But to more sober things... What lesson can we learn from this? Gibbs Cadiz has some wise words to ponder:

The swarm of anonymous comments in the blog has pretty much gotten out of hand, with everyone dumping his or her vitriol on these society mainstays. Do they deserve it? The character assassinations, no. However, that's the price, I suppose, for consciously and actively hogging the spotlight. Especially in a country like ours, where the spotlight needs to shine on more urgent matters.

You preen like a sham potentate before a country so poor it has to send millions of its citizens to work in other lands, expect to be jeered out of town, whether out of envy or plain outrage at your insensitivity. The parvenus, arrivistes and nouveau riche of this country--they do deserve to be knocked down a perch or two, not only for their arrogance but also for their supreme bad taste.

No use entertaining illusions, though, that this new-found revulsion among many towards the excesses of our supposed Gilded Crowd will last. Like all controversies, this will prove to be a hiccup, a blip, a momentary jolt of excitement in our humdrum lives.

A country that allows the likes of Imelda Marcos to waltz away from her crimes--in fact, lionizes her presence and drools over her jewelry--is a country that deserves its Gucci Gang. Perfumed lowlifes know they can get away with most anything here; they may be alleged cokeheads and scammers, but they're good History students. They know us too well.

True, true. More from Gibbs here.

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