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Thursday, May 22, 2008

entry arrow11:03 AM | There is Justice in the AI World! (And Some Grumbling Against Pinoy Idol)

Totally did not expect this. The Word Nerd (Simon's term) won by 12 million votes! Naiyak ako when I saw the video -- first time an AI finale moved me. I liked Cook's story: you go accompany your brother for much-needed moral support to audition for the world's biggest talent show, and then you end up winning the title yourself. Nice. This story felt warmer than the story of an ambitious father pushing a very young son to fulfill his own unrealized ambitions. But I hated the final showdown last night. I must admit the little guy really went for the win with a wonderful set of songs last night, but still it was all predictable fluff. It was a performance that was guaranteed easy-listening, but like all simple sugars, it's not really good for your health. I must also admit that David Cook kinda held back -- but he did go to the hospital for hypertension and anxiety earlier (so like me), and wouldn't you go anxious when the judges practically try to slaughter you because they so obviously want Mickey Mouse to win? The judges tried so hard to hand American Idol victory to David Archuleta. It got me so incensed. But take this reality, Randy, Paula, and Simon! David Cook wins American Idol over Gaspy! Oh, my God! I so love being proved wrong this time. Gaspy can finally go home and finish puberty. I can almost imagine Gaspy saying demurely, "That was not pretty at all. Daddy! I want to go home." Take that, Archtards!


Now that I've taken the bile out of my system, I'd like to wish everybody World Peace.

Thus ends this season. But like what The Coffee Goddess declares in her blog, "I promise, I will never watch American Idol. No more. Nada. Ayoko na. Enough said." Ako rin. Ayoko na. Parang it's something to outgrow na.

[thanks to jun and mich for the heads-up]

P.S. There is a reason why I'm more excited about American Idol than Pinoy Idol currently showing in GMA. It's not colonial mentality, silly. But watching Pinoy Idol is like watching a Frankensteinish hybrid of Wish Ko Lang + Wowowee + Ang Bagong Kampeon. Vince de Jesus calls it a shameless romanticizing of poverty in what should be a singing show. I agree. I remember this singing contest in ABS-CBN from a few years back, Search for a Star in a Million. That horrible, horrible singer from Bohol, Jerome Sala, won the title hands down with his woeful tale: in one crucial episode, he broke down in tears admitting he only had one pair of underwear to wear. (And by the way, what's with the Mau Marcelo snub, GMA? Kapuso daw, heartless pala.)

[via gibbs cadiz]

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