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Thursday, May 22, 2008

entry arrow1:23 AM | A Work in Progress

I've been really sick almost the entire first half of May. Didn't get out of the house much, couldn't find my cellphone [it might as well be lost], slept most of the time, watched TV almost all day, blogged a little too much (just to keep my consciousness running) -- and only now do I feel a little better. So I feel utterly useless and depressive right now, because I hate not being active. Here's a project to call it a good month before it's too late. See, I'm very bad at some things. Like emailing. (I hate emailing.) But I've decided, right now, that it's never too late to change. Thus, I'm presenting to you this working list of backlogged things, which I hope to accomplish before the summer grinds to a halt. Here's wishing me luck.

(√) Clean the house.
(√) Do some much-needed shopping.
(√) Answer back Friendster messages, 73 in all, lagging almost a year.
(√) Answer back Facebook messages, 14 in all, lagging almost a month.
(√) Manage barely used Hotmail accounts. (One unanswered email comes from 2005!)
(_) Working through my Gmail backlog. This will take at least two days, hehehe.

[more coming...]


[0] This is Where You Bite the Sandwich