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Friday, January 02, 2009

entry arrow9:23 AM | Up Yours, Puffin

Trust me, this will put the Happy in your New Year. I rarely rave about any blog -- because there's so much trash out there, and porn and spam always get in the way -- but this is the first time since Postsecret and The Search for Love in Manhattan that a blog has made itself something of a must-read for me. I just stumbled into Fuck You, Penguin, and it is the most darling thing in the Internet next to that game where you throw shoes at George W. Bush.

The blog is about something simple: it's a blog about putting cute animals in their place. Here's a sample post about ... puffins:

There's nothing more obnoxious than a fake animal that tries to pass itself off as an authentic member of the animal world. Puffins are maybe the biggest offenders when it comes to this, even going so far as to pretend to take pictures with humans and hang out in places like Iceland where no normal person can confirm that they were really there. (Like Iceland is a real place, anyway. "Björk" is from there!) Take a look at this clearly computer generated motherfucker above. Of course, he tries to blend into the scenery by standing by a rock in some grass, but do you see it? The only shadow is from the rock. IF YOU'RE SO REAL, PUFFIN, WHERE'S YOUR FUCKING SHADOW. Busted, Puffin. Now go back to living inside a fucking 8-year-old girl's head.


But this one really had me in stitches...

In the name of ALL THAT IS HOLY put that foot down, Kitten! What are you trying to prove? You know what, Kitten? FUCK YOU AND EVERYTHING YOU STAND FOR. It might be your world now, Kitten. But you can't stay on top forever.


Now go and read, and split your sides from laughing.

Speaking of The Search for Love in Manhattan, Faustus has a post that says something about the addiction I am currently enduring: Facebook. Here it is...

I understand that, for the young, Facebook has virtually innumerable appealing qualities.

However, for people of a certain age, the best things about Facebook, as far as I can tell, are that you find out

1) all the people you wanted to sleep with in high school but couldn't dream of doing so because they were straight are now gay; and

2) All the people you were jealous of and wanted so badly to be that it made you bleed are now fat and real estate agents.

Precious! Read that, too!

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