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Monday, March 16, 2009

entry arrow2:04 PM | The Sweetest Thing

Sometimes the sweetest things do pass. I buried my baby Creamy last week beside his mate, Coffee. (Don't laugh. They were a wonderful pair. And had the cutest litter.) I still can't forget the little fella though, even after seven days. He was the nicest pet I've ever had, absolutely the sweetest. I loved his pink eyes, his pink nose, and the way he would climb all over us in bed while we would watch TV. My ex "adopted" him for me as a consolation gift after our first two hamsters, Sush and Ash, died. He was quite sick the last few weeks, of old age. He could barely walk, or eat, or drink. I haven't seen him since the breakup -- and I think he held on for so long until I could come by and see him. And so with Creamy's death, another chapter has indeed turned. And so the days pass....

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