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Sunday, March 15, 2009

entry arrow11:35 PM | Live Facebooking BC 25 Requirements Marking, or How Plageralism is Bad for Research

This week, everywhere in the Philippines, teachers will be burning the midnight candle and slurping coffee by the truckload as we prepare for the Apocalypse that is graduation and final exams.

I went from frustration to sadistic enjoyment as I checked my Research Writing students' requirements today. I guess I had to be very philosophical about it, or else lose my sanity. And while I checked their papers and exams this Sunday, I Facebooked what I did and found into a veritable gold mine of what the future looks like:

9:26 am. Ian is off to have Sunday brunch. I just feel like it. :)

11:20 am. Ian said this yesterday after a group of students presented their video report: "I would rather Facebook than watch that video."

12:15 pm. Ian is having hickory rubbed grilled chicken for lunch in Don Atilano, before attacking the pile of student papers to be checked. The lunch softens the deal.

6:02 pm. Ian is going crazy over late BC 25 submissions! Muntik na akong mag-explode.

6:30 pm. Ian is pausing for a bit from checking all these red-marked submissions. For sanity's sake.

7:10 pm. Ian shows an example of a BC 25 exam answer that boggles the mind: Give an example of a topic to avoid. "Topics that shows [sic] immoral acts." AHHHHHHHHHH!

7:56 pm. Ian is wondering: can you teach a research class proper research skills when some of them spell "plagiarism" as "plagorism"? I fear for our future.

8:19 pm. Ian : When do you use direct quotations? "When their are quotation marks." Wehehehehe. I think the only way out of this dilemma is to laugh na lang. Wehehehe.

8:23 pm. Ian : I have to edit that! The answer is actually: "When their are quotation mark." WAHAHAHAHA!

8:29 pm. Ian : What are the possible dangers when paraphrasing is used incorrectly? "One can be in prison for plagiarism." Wehehehe.

8:49 pm. Ian : Here's another one: "plageralism." WTF?

9:24 pm. Ian is shocked: his red pen gave up on him, and will not give out ink anymore. Symbolic ba?

9:46 pm. Ian is finished with BC 25! Yey!

11:00 pm. Ian is home. He's tired, but feels like he has accomplished something, like climbing Everest.

Heto ang inyong Generation Text. Bow.

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