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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

entry arrow12:46 PM | Because I Will Actually Miss The Mokongs. (Damn Graduation!)

The past two years, come graduation time, have been hard. I've grown very close kasi to a number of students I could very well call my friends. After this year, there will only be a few left. Those who already have (Dirgy, RJ, Michelle, Lyde, Jazz, Clyde, Lycar, Ray Donn, Aiken, Hope, The Dulnuan Bunch, Magenta, and so many others) or will soon be passing through the portals of Silliman to exit towards their own post-collegiate lives will become part of an irretrievable past no amount of reunions can ever make happen again. And it's sad. But also happy, the fact that I have somehow become part of some young people's lives.

So guys -- Jordan, Marianne, Cessy, Pong, Micah, Matti, Kim, Bryan, Marvin and the rest of the Physics Boys, Gerard, Dom, RC, and all the rest -- you know I mean this with the deepest love and affection: maayo unta'g mangahagbong mong tanan. Wahahaha! (Wink.)

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