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Sunday, August 16, 2009

entry arrow3:44 PM | A List of Things to Do in Turning 34

A working list of things to do for the coming birthday week...

[✓] Own up your real age, and don't say this is the sixth anniversary of your 28th birthday.

[✓] Lose at least 40 pounds, and keep the habit.

[✓] Blow the candles, but don't eat the cake.

[✓] Be less bitchy.

[   ] See your dentist and your doctor.

[   ] Take mother out to lunch or dinner.

[   ] Buy a good pair of jeans.

[✓] Buy pizza for the yearbook staff.

[   ] Finish everything you promised to finish.

[✓] Pierce your right ear.

[   ] Finish that book you've been reading forever.

[   ] Submit a story each to Graphic Magazine and Asian Literary Review.

[   ] Send in that story collection -- finally -- to the publisher.

[✓] Explore a side of you nobody expects at all -- which is, pose topless for a magazine. [That should keep them talking.)

[✓] Pray first thing Monday morning.

[   ] Learn to truly forgive those who hurt you. To quote Xander from last night, "Enough of the hate." (Thanks, Xands, for that bit of common wisdom we don't often take into our own lives.)

[✓] Tell the people you love that you love them.

[   ] Give up that one thing that has made you happy for days on end -- because you know it will only lead to nothing, anyway. Life is too short to waste on "could be's" and "could have's." [This will be very, very hard.]

[   ] Dance away the next weekend.


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