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Monday, May 24, 2010

entry arrow10:08 AM | 10 Most Loved Mga Babaeng Bakla

The “babaeng bakla” is the way she is because of several things. She knows how to lobby the “taray” like a weapon of mass distraction, and she does it with wicked attitude and much aplomb—even if, ehem, “hindi naman kagandahan.” (Some of them, anyway.) But she is able to cultivate a certain queer persona that verges on the ironic. Of course, there is always her capacity to make us laugh, a role that is usually ascribed by our society to swishy gay men. In the end, it is her penchant for low camp and self-deprecation that endears her to us. In films, she isn’t usually the star at all; she is most often the sidekick, and so the macho leading man don’t usually fall in love with her.

And there lies the root of our shared rainbow connection—and fascination.

In this list, we’ve tried to go beyond the obvious—yes, we know about Rufa Mae Quinto and Eugene Domingo and Kris Aquino and Ai-Ai de las Alas and Toni Gonzaga and Rosanna Roces. But this is our list. Wanna pull hair over it? (Meow.)

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