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Sunday, June 17, 2012

entry arrow2:13 PM | When Dumaguete Saw Daniel Day-Lewis Kiss Gordon Warnecke

I remember when, in the days before cable and HBO, People’s Television (PTV), now the National Broadcasting Network, first came to town when I was a boy. The whole of Dumaguete City would wait for the young Alex Rey Pal to deliver and finish the evening news, and then the movies began, two movies every night. I remember the excited rush ripping through the city when one night they showed The Sound of Music, everybody’s favorite musical. A year or so earlier, they had showed the film in Park Theater for its 25th anniversary, and the whole theater was packed during the film’s entire run. This film is perfectly reflective of the city’s outward show of character, especially in the 1980s: genteel, unruffled, with a penchant for the conservative this side of Peyton’s Place. One night, they showed Stephen Frears’ My Beautiful Laundrette [1985]. I’m not sure PTV-10 knew what film it was showing, but that certainly shocked everybody.

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