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Tuesday, January 08, 2013

entry arrow2:21 PM | We Are Worthy of Being Loved.

You know how sometimes you stumble on a track, and everything about it captures you, that you just have to sit down and bawl your eyes out, because the song is saying everything that your heart keeps but you are in denial over? Such is Blind Pilot’s “The Story I Heard” from 3 Rounds and a Sound. It doesn’t even have to be about what the lyrics tell you. It just has to be about the sound, the lilt in the melody and the strumming of the guitar that whacks you with so much … uncanny knowing. I cried in my chair today while I was contemplating how sad I am now, how utterly helpless. All I know is that my wish is simple: that someday you will see me the way I see you. Right now, baby, I’m the most invisible being in the entire universe.

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