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Sunday, September 13, 2015

entry arrow1:43 PM | Una Palabra a Tiempo

I'm currently researching and writing a history of Sillimanian literature, which is going to be my portal for a bigger study on Oriental Negrense literature. It has been a largely unstudied aspect of regional writing, for some reason. This is a piece from 1907, for example, from a page of The Silliman Truth -- which in the 1900s served not just as a campus paper but also as a community newspaper [the first in the province] and as a Protestant missionary publication. This page contains what I think is an unsigned short story in Spanish titled "Una Palabra a Tiempo" [Short Time], probably the first short story published in this province. The Silliman Truth, however, was first published in 1903, predating The Filipino Student Magazine by two years. (That magazine is supposedly the first publication in English by Filipinos). Alas, we don't have copies of the Silliman Truth from that year anymore, but if we do come across any -- and if it contains any literary work in the new colonial language -- we can effectively rewrite the history of Philippine literature in English.

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