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Thursday, December 03, 2015

entry arrow2:59 PM | Scene From Ryan Coogler's Creed (2015)

Outside Rocky Balboa's restaurant, before an open van.

Rocky Balboa: I told you before, I just don't want to do it, kid.

Adonis Creed: That's cool, but maybe you could just give me some drills.

Rocky Balboa: Drills?

Adonis Creed: Yeah, things I could do on my own.

Rocky Balboa: You don't stop, do you. You're like a woodpecker. My God. (After a beat.) All right, I got a few. But that's it, okay?

Adonis Creed: Of course.

Rocky Balboa: (Sits down to write on a bond paper.) Five rounds of jumping rope... Three rounds on each of the bags... When you get to the heavy bag, just don't keep throwing your hands because you can hurt them. It's also about using your legs, all right? And then five rounds of ... shadow...

Adonis Creed: "O.W."

Rocky Balboa: There's a "W." Boxing.

Adonis Creed: Boxing, yeah.

Rocky Balboa: And that's it. (After a beat.) All right?

Adonis Creed: Yeah.

Rocky Balboa: (Hands Creed the paper.) There you go.

Adonis Creed: That's perfect. (Takes a photo of the paper with his phone.)

Rocky Balboa: Good luck with that.

Adonis Creed: All right, got it. Hold that real quick. (Hands Rocky both paper and phone. Gets the bag of food purchases from Rocky's van and hands it to the waiting assistant while Rocky looks on. He takes back the phone but not the paper from Rocky.) All right, man. (He starts walking away.)

Rocky Balboa: Wait, you don't want this?

Adonis Creed: (Holds up the phone as he walks.) I got it right here.

Rocky Balboa: What if you lose that thing or it breaks?

Adonis Creed: It's already up in the cloud.

Rocky Balboa: (Looks up, bewildered.) What cloud? What cloud?

~ Scene From Ryan Coogler's Creed (2015)

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