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Thursday, February 06, 2020

entry arrow3:00 PM | The Bustle is Back!

I can feel the bustle of Dumaguete coming back. It's still quiet, especially for a Thursday, but the streets are humming again, and I see people. We have never been on a lockdown, despite what some people believe, and despite some hysterical missives on Twitter and apparently some DMs. People just took necessary precautions and spent most of the past two days indoors. I don't wear a mask; the proper reports say it is unnecessary -- but I do have a small bottle of alcohol with me wherever I go. I'm sure Dumaguete is safe, and with this kind of awareness and height of precaution right now, perhaps even safer than most places. TIPS: It's all about touching surfaces, so wash your hands regularly or bring alcohol with you. And most of all get your information from the right sources. Our local journalists are working their asses off. Get it from them, and not from some stupid DMs.

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