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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

entry arrow6:49 PM | The Folly of Tim Yap

What a schmuck. But we always knew that.

Bloggers who think and who have souls (here and here and everywhere) are taking note of Tim Yap's feckless comments about the devil-may-care party-going mindset of his (and unfortunately also my) generation:

There is this mind-set, which I think is so passe, that says: 'The country is in shambles and the country is having a hard time and you are out there partying.' But this generation is guiltless when it comes to that.

It's enough to just give up, and curb any hope for this country.

There's another word for the guiltless in an orgy of evil, Tim: a sociopath. Which suits you: you are sosyal and you are pathological. But if it's any consolation to everybody else, here's one poem by Amado Bajarias which I liked very much, and which was published in the pages of Philippines Free Press...

Bring Me the Head of Tim Yap Superstar Columnist!
By Amado Bajarias

infecting the feckless
with their mi-droga tu-droga
faux naif venom
Manolo Blahnik et Prada et Miu-Mui
as Weltanschaung chi-chi

these post-Weltschmerz,
post-kitsch, post-irony,
post-cynicism, post-posturing,
post-superficiality, post-hype
post-hubris, post-epater les bourgeois
Nosferatu kindred
with their Roppongi pallor
cultivated in the ciggie-smoke
of buy-this-and-buy-that

I need to see them tortured, squealing
like abattoir pigs

My God Marcos was right
to ban them society pages
with their pasty-white
flash-bulb denizens
each another
fawning fake-smiles for photo ops
in the Grand Guignol style

I need to see them
faute de mieux disembowelled
on a rotating spit

Marcos was right to shut them down
a pity he stopped short
of giving them a coup de grace
to their oh-so-chic
beaucoup heads

I do renounce Tim Yap and his ilk. He does not speak for me.

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