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Thursday, March 15, 2007

entry arrow9:55 AM | Gisapot Ko

We used to love this writer in high school and college. We read all her books and her columns in a now defunct newspaper, and laughed with her at the hopelessly inept (and sometimes stupid) world out there. When you're young and relatively well-schooled, that kind of superiority complex can be better than sex. We devoured her words: her style dripped with irony and sarcasm and ennui, which was the perfect language for my generation. The ones who wanted to be Holden Caulfield, you get the drift. But people grow up. Our sense of the world changes as we come into contact with it all the more intimately. Even our sense of humor changes. Reading her now, I am suddenly exasperated by the gross display of passive-aggressive arrogance, the self-importance, and most of all the extreme self-absorption that distorts important issues. Like the plight of women, for example. Just because you never felt "oppressed" does not mean you can denigrate the efforts of many to help the thousands of girls and women out there who are abused, just because of their gender. It's unforgivable when you care more for cats, than for people.

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