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Friday, April 11, 2008

entry arrow9:14 AM | Baguio Dreaming

I should be blogging about Baguio. It has been almost a week since I, virgin to the Cordillera, arrived here (planed in from Dumaguete, bused in from Manila...), but for the moment I don't feel like demystifying my dreamy stay so far with the all-too-wakeful precision of description and narrative. And so, for now, Luis Joaquin Katigbak's almost daily chronicle of our days here (with pictures!) will have to do. I can't believe it's already Friday, with the workshop's end just around the corner like a small demon about to pounce on all of us: I survived my own workshop last Monday, and yesterday I had given the panel of U.P. writers a glimpse into my own writing project (I have titled it Sugar Land). Already I feel the pangs of the soon-coming end of this instant (and intimate) camaraderie with this lovely group of co-fellows -- my two other parts of Room 6 Vince and Luis, and of course Rica, Nick, Jun (Lana), Bob, Tara, Mookie, Frankie, Allan, and Jun (Abdon). (I loooovvvveee these people!) Right now, I'm trying to decide whether to proceed to Sagada on Sunday, or on to Pundaquit in Zambales, after the workshop. It's a dilemma that is as sweet as no other. Anyway, I will blog about Baguio. It's enough for me to enjoy the cool mountain air, so far away from the sweltering humidity of seaside Dumaguete. In recent dreams that shock even me, I can actually see myself uprooting my life from that southern town, and settle here. I love the cold. I love the way my body awakens every morning energized from the most restful of sleep.

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