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Sunday, March 23, 2008

entry arrow1:47 AM | Goodness Papaya Gracious

The Apocalypse has finally come upon us...

I don't know whether to be horrified or to be tickled pink, but it seems as if the Edu Manzano-popularized "Papaya Dance" has become the new macarena. Over at Good Morning America, where Diane Sawyer holds court every morning in American television, the dance has the whole crew shaking and waving, and shaking and waving... Oh, dear Kapamilya.

(Kris never had this good when she was Game KNB queen, did she? Loser.)

Question: After the quick succession of YouTube-related Warholian claims to fame of Charisse Pempengco's discovery by Ellen Degeneres, the Cebuano jailbird dance troupe, and Janina San Miguel's memorable trip through the hazards of the English language, is the Philippines the new YouTube capital of viral video-making?


Two points though: First, Ellen would probably do "Papaya" more dancing justice than Diane can. I'd like to see this tried on Ellen. You can imagine it now, can you... Second, with this and the other videos, plus the fact that we seem to be the only Asians who've made constant impact on American Idol (with Jasmine Trias, Camille Velasco, AJ Tabaldo, and now Ramiele Malubay) -- we've truly become the unsurpassed court jester, uhm, entertainer of the world.

Happy Easter, people!

[video swiped from mukamo, who doesn't want to share this video apparently: he has disabled embedding -- but thank god there's ripzor]

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