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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

entry arrow9:18 PM | Keeping a Tight Schedule

The school term has just ended, and summer vacation beckons outside my window. I can smell the sand and the surf from kilometers away. Today, I've marked and graded the last exam and the last paper (on Dean Francis Alfar's Salamanca) from my Philippine literature classes, and while I'm pooped from the vigorous reading and my fumbling with the calculator (and dizzy, too, from the parade of caffeine that kept me awake), I feel that I have accomplished so much with this rigorous schedule I'm giving myself. Thing is, I promised myself in the beginning of the semester that I'd do away with the procrastinator in me, and so far I'm right on track. I'm almost done with all my grades, and I have just one more deadline tomorrow for my research writing classes. I should be submitting the grading sheets to the office very soon, and way ahead of the deadline, too -- the first time ever in memory.

There's also the prospect of not teaching this summer, the first time I'm getting a break since starting to teach years ago. (I begged off my nine-unit load.) But summer will not be all play. In fact, it will be all work -- but work to finish the things I've been wanting to finish. I have a grant to finish the incompletes for my MA courses, and another grant to finish that anthology of Silliman fictionists. There are also the other books that I have to finish editing, and the stories that I have to write for all these contests and what-not. And, of course, the U.P. National Writers Workshop in Baguio this April. It will be a very busy summer for me. But at least I'm not teaching!

So back to the mines for me. I'm quite excited though.

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