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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

entry arrow10:36 AM | The Guiltless Generation

Woke up today still curiously consumed about the Brian Gorrell blog drama. It's morbid fascination that refuses to go away. I've been thinking about what many people are saying about the viciousness being heaped on these fashionistas, and all I can think about is the one comment Tim Yap made many moons ago, when he dared reveal what goes on in the consciousness of his ilk. Remember this? He said:

There is this mind-set, which I think is so passe, that says: ‘The country is in shambles and the country is having a hard time and you are out there partying.’ But this generation is guiltless when it comes to that.

I guess Tim Yap and all the rest of them began the process of their own crucifixion with that statement. Karma, if you will. And now here he comes with his whiny article about not being a saint: he never even refuted anything that Brian dished out about them, and his only defense is the frailness of his own humanity and that of his friends. And then we are told we "hate" them only because we are jealous of them? Ah, no, Tim. Not at all.

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