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This is the blog of Ian Rosales Casocot. Filipino writer. Sometime academic. Former backpacker. Twink bait. Hamster lover.

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Thursday, March 13, 2008

entry arrow6:10 PM | There is No Past

Kill the past, I tell you.
I know now, as the old familiar music blares
And my fingers trip to press exit
To another song in the playlist,
That there is hope, finally,
For all broken hearts. Old songs
Are recipes for gagging.
Don't believe the old fools:
Time does not heal wounds,
Only close examination can. In my case,
A year or two of seeing him around
Made me constant in this study for what
Made me ache when he left me.
Look at his eyes anew,
Look at his receding hairline,
The old mouth that now farts off
Indignities about a cruel life.
You pined for that?
You will see, in a slow motion to
Finally understanding, how blind
You were in your old sickening bliss.
Take that song now, for instance,
And wait for how it inspires new revulsion:
A churning in the pits of you that sends
Shivers down your spine
As you realize life's too short
To pine for first loves.
What matters is love in the now.


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