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Monday, December 27, 2010

entry arrow10:37 PM | Music That Does Not Go On

The anime adaptation of Koh Akizuki's Fujimi Block No. 2 Symphony Orchestra: Cold Front -- The Storm After the Rain [1998] is a curious thing. While it has most of the yaoi elements we have come to expect of this genre of Japanese animation -- the older, talented, dominant, but distant seme; the younger, protesting, but ultimately willing uke; the rape fantasy that titillates and verges on the strangely romantic -- it somehow fails to involve, the way Momo Sakura's Boku no Sekusharu Harasumento [1994-1995] or Shungiku Nakamura's Junjō Romanchika [2008] did. Which is just too bad because it makes great use of classical music, the way Fumi Yoshinaga's manga Antique Bakery did with pastries. You may already know the story, if we follow the formula for yaoi: Tonoin Kei, a talented conductor, has come to lead a small orchestra, and meets the group's first violinist and concert master Morimura Yuuki. Misunderstanding, spiced with yaoi love confessions, ensues. The OVA tells the story through a fragmented time-frame, which makes it a bit difficult to follow. In the end, however, it just falls flat and does not engage. Which may be why it only ran for one episode more than a decade ago in Japanese TV.

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