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Thursday, February 03, 2011

entry arrow2:34 AM | The Young and the Beautiful

Tonight, I watched Gregg Araki's Totally Fucked Up [1997] again. (See above a clip.) This is a film from my youth, and I am totally struck by how beautiful the young James Duval was. Look at him. He's absolutely translucent. He's about three years older than me, and when I first saw him in Araki's The Doom Generation [1999], my heart skipped a bit.

This is how he looks now...

Not bad at all, but the translucence — possible only with youth — is gone. And that reminds me how fleeting youth — and good looks — really is. The poet Cesar Ruiz Aquino told us today in class:, “The sweetest folly of youth is that you think you will be young forever.” He said that with more than a touch of melancholy, straight — as he says it — from someone who is in the twilight of his years, “in the borders of a coming annihilation.” That made me sad. And reflective.

Like James Duval, I was young once. And what a beautiful once upon a time it was.

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