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Sunday, June 26, 2016

entry arrow6:01 PM | A Working Bibliography of LGBT Books in the Philippines

(Or what poet Jerry B. Gracio calls "beklit.")

I honestly thought -- after the massive success of Ladlad in 1994 and the impact it had on many Filipino men and women who grew up gay in the 1990s and read the anthology and its sequels -- that there would be an avalanche of gay and lesbian titles coming out of Philippine publishing and being written by a younger generation of LGBT-identified writers. And then I tried to make a list [the bibliography below].

The list surprised me by its shortness.

A few observations: Only J. Neil C. Garcia, Danton Remoto, and Louie Cano remain prolific in gay publishing. Severino Montano's groundbreaking novel The Lion and the Faun (1965) remains out-of-print. ("It was never even published," Neil tells me. "Too scandalous, libellous... The second half of the 1000+ page manuscript has never been found.") And I'm not sure we can get new reprints of Nicholas Pichay's Ang Lunes na Mahirap Bunuin (1993) and Tony Perez's Cubao 1980 at Iba Pang Mga Katha (1992), both equally groundbreaking. Most gay and lesbian dramas remain uncollected and unproduced. There are hardly any lesbian literary books, which is a sad surprise. (Joy Cruz and Aida Santos seem to have this niche cornered, although Nice Rodriguez does have a book out. Where are the books of Shakira Andrea Sison? Libay Linsangan Cantor? There has not been a follow-up to the one lesbian anthology, Tibok.) And there is barely anything of LGBT-themed children's books. Bernadette Neri's award-winning children's story Ang Ikaklit sa Aming Hardin finally got published independently in 2012 after mainstream publishers kept rejecting it because of its subject matter. And a dearth of gay and lesbian erotica! The edgier kind are published outside of mainstream publishing.

Truth to tell, there are soooo many gays and lesbians in contemporary Philippine literary circles -- we made a joke once in a gathering at U.P. Diliman that there are so many of us we are practically the inheritors of Philippine literature (and then there was a burst of pink laughter) -- but it seems as if not many of them are writing about their experiences as gay men and women and putting out books about it. But then again, my M.A. thesis actually predicted this: that the third wave of gay and lesbian writing in the Philippines, post-Ladlad, would be to go for a kind of invisibility: the writers would write stories and poems and dramas about recognisably gay characters but will refuse to put their gayness (and its attendant issues) as the center of their narratives. So why am I surprised?

Nonetheless, here is the list I managed to compile. Comment if I missed out on any title...


Alfar, Dean Francis. Salamanca: A Novel (2006).
Alumit, Noel. Letters to Montgomery Clift: A Novel (2002).
Alumit, Noel. Talking to the Moon: A Novel (2007).
Alvarez, Jack. Ang Autobiografia ng Ibang Lady Gaga (2015).
An Lim, Jaime. The Axolotl Colony: Stories (2016).
Angeles, Mark. Gagambeks at Mga Kwentong Waratpad (2015).
Casocot, Ian Rosales. Beautiful Accidents: Stories (2012).
De Dios, Honorio Bartolome. Sa Labas ng Parlor (1998).
Dee, CJ. The Necromancer (2015).
Gangcuangco, Louie Mar A. Orosa-Nakpil, Malate: A Filipino Novel (2006).
Gilvarry, Alex. From the Memoirs of a Non-Enemy Combatant: A Novel (2012).
Groyon, Vicente III Garcia. “Boys Who Like Boys.” In On Cursed Ground and Other Stories (2004).
Ilusyunada, Wanda. Mga Kwentong Parlor ni Wanda Ilusyunada (2007).
Juha, Michael and Patrice Marco. Santuwaryo: Tatlong Kuwento Ng Pag-ibig (2014). Lee, Ricky. Para Kay B (O Kung Paano Dinevastate ng Pag-ibig Ang 4 Out of 5 sa Atin) (2008).
Lee, Ricky. Si Amapola sa 65 na Kabanata (2011).
Linmark, R. Zamora. Leche: A Novel (2011).
Montano, Severino. The Lion and the Faun: A Novel (1965, unpublished).
Ong, Han. The Disinherited (2004).
Perez, Tony. Cubao 1980 at Iba Pang Mga Katha (1992).
Portalan, Edgar. Bakla Bakla Paano Ka Ginawa? (2010).
Ramos, Ricardo. Flipping: A Novel (1998).
Realuyo, Bino A. The Umbrella Country: A Novel (1999).
Remoto, Danton. Riverrun: A Novel (2015).
Rodriguez, Nice. Throw It to the River: Stories (1993).
Sagrado, Jack. The Lavender Coffin and Other Homoerotic Stories of Mystery and Suspense (2011).
Sagrado, Jack. The Pink Morgue and Other Homoerotic Stories of Mystery and Suspense (2011).
Samar, Edgar Calabia. Si Janus Silang at ang Labanang Manananggal-Mambabarang (2016).
Santos, Aris. Hangganan (2012).
Torres, Gerardo Z. Pink Men In Love and Other Stories (2005).
Torres, Gerardo Z. Kulay Rosas ang Pintig ng Puso: Mga Maikling Kuwento (2009).
Villa, Jose Garcia. "Walk at Midnight: A Farewell" and "Song I Did Not Hear." In Footnote to Youth: Tales of the Philippines and Others (1933).
Villasis, Bobby Flores. Suite Bergamasque: The Boulevard Stories (2001).
Yee, Ernesto Superal. Out of Doors: A Novel (2005).


Baquiran, Romulo Jr. P. Kung Nanaisin: Mga Tula (2012).
Baquiran, Romulo Jr. P. Onyx (2003).
Baytan, Ronald. The Queen Sings the Blues: Poems, 1992-2002 (2007).
Carreon, Shane. Travelbook: Poems (2013).
Galan, Ralph Semino. From the Major Arcana (2015).
Gracio, Jerry B. Apokripos (2006).
Gracio, Jerry B. Aves (2009).
Remoto, Danton. Black Silk Pajamas (1996).
Remoto, Danton. Pulotgata: The Love Poems (2004).
Remoto, Danton. Skin Voices Faces (1991).
Garcia, J. Neil C. Closet Quivers: Poems in English (1992).
Garcia, J. Neil C. The Garden of Wordlessness (2005).
Garcia, J. Neil C. Kaluluwa (2001).
Garcia, J. Neil C. Misterios and Other Poems (2005).
Garcia, J. Neil C. Our Lady of the Carnival (1996).
Garcia, J. Neil C. The Sorrows of Water (2000).
Pichay, Nicholas. Ang Lunes na Mahirap Bunuin: Poems in English and Filipino (1993).
Santos, Aida F. Dobol Helix: Mga Piling Tula 1971-1991 (1991).
Santos, Aida F. Spaces: Earthbound, Skybound (2000).
Tan, Joel Barraquiel. Monster: Poems (2004).
Teodoro, John Iremil. Arkipelago kang Kasingkasing (2009).
Teodoro, John Iremil. Anghel sang Capiz (2009).
Teodoro, John Iremil. Kung ang Tula ay Pwedeng Pambili ng Lalake (2005).
Teodoro, John Iremil. Maybato, Iloilo, Taft Avenue, Baguio, Puerto: Mga Tula (2003).
Teodoro, John Iremil. Mga Binalaybay Kang Paghigugma (2008).
Teodoro, John Iremil. Paruparo at Korales/Butterflies and Corals: A Collection of Palawan Poems in Filipino and English (1999).


Abellar, Karlo. Señora Segundina [n.d.].
Abunda, Boy. Engkuwentro (1983).
Alfar, Dean Francis. Short Time (1991).
Alojamiento, Shelfa. Boy-Gel ang Gelpren ni Mommy (2010).
Arejola, Carlos A. Sayod kong Tataramon/Tuwiran Kong Sasabihin: Mga Dulang Pantanghalan at Pampelikula sa Bikol at Filipino (2009).
Balintagos, Kanakan [Aureaus Solito]. Esprit de Corps (1990).
Cabagnot, Edward Delos Santos. The Theatre of Director Julius Opus (2003).
Co-Unjieng, Quito. Skeletons in the Closet [n.d.].
De Jesus, Vincent A. Ateng (2005).
Evangelio, Albert Claude. Pepe en Pil (1990).
Gacoscos, Blaise. Taguan sa Ulan (1993).
Guerrero, Wilfrido Ma. A Clash of Cymbals (1968).
Juan, Anton. Death in the Form of a Rose (1992).
Lana, Jun. Kuwan [n.d.].
Las-O, Bobby. Goodbye, Loverboy [n.d.].
Martinez, Chris. Baclofen [n.d.].
Martinez, Chris. Last Full Show (1994).
Mas, Glenn Sevilla. Games People Play (2007).
Mas, Glenn Sevilla. In the Dark (2001).
Montreal, Lani. Sister-Out-Law (2001).
Nadres, Orlando. Hanggang Dito na Lamang at Maraming Salamat (1974).
Ong, Charlson. Payapang Gabi (1991).
Palanca, Rajit. Intermisyon (1989).
Pichay, Nicholas. Karga Mano (1994).
Rivera, Frank. Casa Verde [n.d.].
Teodosio, J. Dennis C. Gee-gee at Waterina (2002).
Teodosio, J. Dennis C. Payb-Siks (2006).
Topacio, Soxy. Neneng [n.d.].
Unrubia, Clet. Sukatin Man ang Langit [n.d.].
Vera, Rodolfo. Kung Paano Ko Pinatay si Diana Ross (1992).
Vera, Rodolfo. Ralph at Claudia.
Villanueva, Rene O. Dobol [2001].
Villanueva, Rene O. Kumbersasyon [n.d.].


Matias, Segundo Jr. and Jason Moss. Uncle Sam (2014).
Garlitos, Rhandee and Tokwa Peñaflorida. Ang Bonggang Bonggang Batang Beki (2013).
Neri, Bernadette and CJ de Silva. Ang Ikaklit sa Aming Hardin (2012).


Alikpala, Raymond. God Loves Bakla: My Life in the Closet (2010).
Baytan, Ronald. The Queen Lives Alone: Personal Essays (2012).
Cadiz, Gibbs (Ed.). Dear Migs: Letters to Manila Gay Guy (2010).
Cano, Louie. Brusko Pink: King Kong Barbies and Other Queer Files (2005).
Cano, Louie. Masculadoll: Mga Sanaysay ng Buhay Bading na Di Buking (2008).
Cano, Louie. Pamhinta X: Mga Nagbabagang Sanaysay (2010).
Fleras, Jomar. The Quintessential Book of Manners & Etiquette for Filipino Gay Men (1998).
Lee, Raymond [now Moira Lang] (Ed.). McVie’s The Wet Book: Stories From the Bathhouse (2010).
Remoto, Danton. Buhay Bading (2004).
Remoto, Danton. Gaydar (2002).
Remoto, Danton. Happy Na, Gay Pa (2015).
Remoto, Danton. Rampa: Mga Sanaysay (2008).
Remoto, Danton. Seduction & Solitude: Essays (1995).
Remoto, Danton. X-Factor: Tales Outside the Closet (1997).
Reyes, Jose Javier. Porn Again: Midlife Outtakes and Mistakes (2003).
Teodoro, John Iremil. Pagmumuni-muni at Pagtatalak ng Sirenang Nagpapanggap na Prinsesa (2008).
Wigley, John Jack. Falling Into the Manhole: A Memoir (2012).
Home of the Ashfall: A Memoir (2014).
Yap, Karl Lester M. (Ed.). The Chronicles of E (2010).


An Lim, Jaime. Trios/Hedonicus (1998).
Cruz, Jhoanna Lynn. Women Loving: Stories and a Play (2010).
Gallaga, Wanggo. Remnants (2015).
Linmark, R. Zamora. Rolling the R’s (1995).
Tan, Joel Barraquiel. El Canto de Animal (2006).


Erang, Claudine. Freedom (2016).
Navasca, Herbs and Rica Angela Padullo. Poster Boy (2014).
Navasca, Herbs and Rica Angela Padullo. Poster Boy: Fair and Square (2015).
Pulumbarit, Oliver. Lexy, Nance, and Argus: Sex, Gods, Rock & Roll (2005).
Vergara, Carlo. Ang Kagila-gilalas na Pakikipagsapalaran ni ZsaZsa Zaturrnah (2002/2004).
Vergara, Carlo. One Night in Purgatory (2001).
Vergara, Carlo. ZsaZsa Zaturrnah sa Kalakhang Maynila (2008/~).


Garcia, J. Neil C. (Ed.). Aura: The Gay Theme in Philippine Fiction in English (2012).
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Many friends helped in completing this bibliography. I'd like to give special thanks to J. Neil C. Garcia, Gilbert Tan, Enrique Villasis, Hendrison Go, Alvin Dacanay Jr., and Edgar C. Samar for their suggestions and inputs. Special shout-out goes to Eric Julian Manalastas of the University of the Philippines Center for Women's Studies who mans the LGBT Section of its library for collating additional materials. Visit him and his magnificent LGBT collection, guys!


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