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Sunday, March 05, 2017

entry arrow11:59 PM | Clean-up Therapy

As a confirmed bachelor who lives on his own, I don't entrust the cleaning of my apartment to other people, especially hired help. The last time I hired a cleaning person to do it, my entire stamp collection -- which included many, many rare pieces -- went to the trash, for some reason. That broke my heart: it was a boyhood hobby, and it was gone, just like that. (But from this incident, I learned quickly not to get too attached to things, even those you think you couldn't part with.) And so I always take it upon myself to clean my apartment despite my tight schedule. I've come to cherish it, too: it has become a time for me to be introspective. I get good ideas and I remember things I must do when I clean -- so that's all good. But it does take me approximately two days to do everything. (I have shelves and shelves of books.) Today, however, I told myself I must try to finish everything in two hours. That meant getting rid of distractions, because I've noticed that when I clean, I'd stop for stretches of time to read this and that, but mostly to Facebook or to watch movies, ostensibly to while away the cleaning hours. Deep inside, I knew I was bullshitting myself. So tonight, I told myself, "Turn off the laptop, Ian." And I did. And it was hard, at first. But I persevered.

It still took me seven hours to do everything instead of the two I planned, but I'm done, and I have surprised myself with my capacity for will power and thorough single-mindedness. The apartment is finally clean, my soul is at ease, and everything is in place, more or less. I can breathe properly again. And suddenly the days ahead are filled with possibilities and hope.

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