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Thursday, April 30, 2020

entry arrow4:54 AM | The Film Meme No. 6

[6th of 100]. The thing about love stories on film is that they're not very easy to capture or tell, and also most people have a huge reserve of revulsion when presented with anything resembling romance. The former demands chemistry and believability, and the latter demands a nuanced engagement with sentimentality without falling into the saccharine. All these are not easy to accomplish. [God, I hated The Notebook]. Which is why I forever appreciate a movie romance that works. That this is a remake of a 1934 film [and improves on it], which also paved the way towards a 1994 remake [which fails substantially] tell us that this is a singular achievement, kind of a lightning in a bottle -- approached only in greatness by 1993's homage to it [Nora Ephron's Sleepless in Seattle]. I love this film. I love how it earns its emotionality. I love its memorable lines. I love its pace, and its twists. I love its classy leads. I love its sublime music. I love that every time I watch that mid-film sequence in the hilltops of Villefranche-sur-Mer on the Mediterranean coast, I'm still reduced to tears. What's the film?

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