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Thursday, August 31, 2006

entry arrow7:16 AM | The Face of a Cheat

Yay. Here's a face to illustrate human frailty.

Your whole life you've worked hard to give yourself a good name. And because you mistakenly thought you're God, you work some evil magic -- and now you're suddenly branded a leaker. Anesia B. Dionisio (photo above) and Virginia D. Madeja. Cheaters.

Of course I'm angry.

It's not just their tragedy, these two women who almost overnight destroyed the prestige of a profession. It's ours as well. I wonder why we Filipinos can never get it right. Given something to glory in, we find some ways to sully it, to debase it. (Think of EDSA, for example.) We were once a professional nursing stalwart, much respected by the rest of the world. We just had to destroy that as well. Death wish ba ni? We're a joke to the world. The international backlash is growing as well.

[Details here.]

But you know what gets my goat? Here's CHED Commissioner Nona Ricaforte on the whole issue: "The students and the parents should not be penalized for the leakage. If a retake is ordered, you can just imagine the cost and the effort of the students. This will also cost the government a huge sum. I sympathize with the students because some of them have already schedules of going abroad." [Original item here.]

What the fuck?

But maybe this is a good thing. There are just too many students going into nursing, the imbalance has to stop some time. There was one year in Silliman University where there were hundreds of Nursing freshmen ... but zero enrolled in Chemistry. If that's not troubling, I don't know what is.


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