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Monday, December 18, 2006

entry arrow3:49 PM | Betrayal By the Book

I am never, ever, ever, ever lending out any of my books and movies again. Ever. Kahit best friend pa kita, or my boss, or the angel who saved my life. Ever. It's so sad when you lend out in good faith something you love (and that you know you need in future researches), to somebody who promises to move heaven and earth to take care of it -- and then just as quickly forget that promise. It's a betrayal of sorts.

See, I had been commissioned to write an essay on "Literature in Negros Oriental" for a coffeetable book about my province to be published in New York. One of my main sources, Kabilin, edited by Merlie Alunan and Bobby Villasis, was borrowed by somebody I genuinely like (and still do) -- but the book's gone.

I'm in mourning. The book was quite rare, too. I bought it for P1,000, knowing that only a few (one? two?) copies were left. And it's gone.

The Silliman Library has a copy, of course. (Thanks, Ma'am Ce, for the tip!) I guess that's the only way I could go about things now. It's not the same feeling as having one all your own, though -- something that you can read wherever and whenever you want to. (I'm getting sad all over again.)

So how about my commissioned piece? I'll come up with something, but my research on my novel on the old families of Negros has really been compromised. I really don't know what to do. I just hope I'll find another copy of Kabilin elsewhere. This time, I'll never let it go.

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