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Sunday, December 17, 2006

entry arrow10:49 AM | Sunday Readings

I just took note of my last two posts. Death scenes in horror movies? Salo? Oh, why am I being gruesome this Sunday? Is it because there are seven days left till Christmas and I have yet to feel some chill in the air, enough to get me going through some semblance of the holidays?

Anyway, for more enlightening (and very human) reading, here's Veronica Montes talking about The Nutcracker and cookies, Ned Parfan getting alarmed by substandard Philippine literature textbooks, Gibbs Cadiz getting excited about uploading his videos to YouTube, Noel Vera struggling to stay awake while watching The Nativity Story, Laitera deconstructing Mystica, John Bengan contemplating Waking Life and graffiti, Alfonso Dacanay listing his ten favorite Filipino children's stories, Gabriela Lee talking about coming home for the holidays, Wilfredo Pascual writing about assorted journeys, Larry Ypil quoting Eduardo Galeano on worms, orgies, and spaghetti, Jun Lana giving a heartbreaking interview with a friend about his love life, and Resty Odon contemplating food supplements.

Have a great last day of the weekend, everybody. I'm staying home to watch more movies. (And maybe do some Christmas shopping before the unwashed hordes invade.)

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