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Sunday, December 10, 2006

entry arrow7:23 PM | Darwin's Nightmare

The wonderful YouTube seems to be a veritable gold mine of documentaries, some of them Oscar-nominated. These are films we in the Philippines only get to read about, but are largely unseen in our movie screens, even our video outlets. The latest find is the ecological film Darwin's Nightmare, directed by Hubert Sauper. (See IMDB information here.)

The clip information goes: "Through interviews with the Russian and Ukrainian plane crew, local factory owners, guards, prostitutes, fishermen and other villagers, the film discusses the effects of the introduction of the Nile Perch to Lake Victoria, how it has affected the ecology and economy of the region (the introduction of the Nile Perch into Lake Victoria has caused the extinction of hundreds of native species, see Nile Perch for more information). The film also dwells at length on the dichotomy between the huge amount of European aid which is being funneled into Africa, and yet at the same time the flow of munitions and weapons from European arms dealers flows unendingly into the continent, often on the same planes which transport the Nile Perch meat to European consumers, feeding the very conflicts which the aid was sent to remedy."

This is the first part:

The rest of the film is archived in YouTube as well.

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