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Friday, December 01, 2006

entry arrow7:53 PM | A New Look for the Philippines Free Press

There's something about the new Philippines Free Press that's making me buy an issue every single week.

Perhaps it is new literary editor Sarge Lacuesta's sumptuous choice of fiction, poetry, and essay. (The latest historical fiction by Mads Bajarias was brilliant!) Perhaps it is also the new design, courtesy of the old Today team, that has incorporated into the new layout a crisp look that is both aesthetically pleasing and also easy on the eyes. Here is a snapshot of the Literary Page:

But whatever it is, congratulations on the new look, Philippines Free Press.

In any case, here is Dean Alfar's original forward of Sarge's call for submissions:

The Philippines Free Press has a new literary editor, Sarge Lacuesta, and he's asked me to tell you that he's looking for kick-ass short stories. If you have well-written fiction, send it to him for consideration. I can't speak for him in terms of what he's looking for (you could check out back issues under previous editor Paolo Manalo, but Sarge's taste might differ), but I can tell you what is obvious: literary fiction. Now before you roll your eyes and sigh, this isn't necessarily social-realist fiction - in fact, Sarge is open to spec fic, for as long as it is well-written (having contributed "New Wave Days", a great piece, to Philippine Speculative Fiction Vol.1 himself). So this is a great opportunity for you, me and everyone else who is pushing for more genre stories (for instance, I'll be delighted if a strong sci fi or interstitial piece is published there). Go and submit: sargelacuesta(at)gmail(dot)com.

Go submit something, and be part of a long literary tradition...

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