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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

entry arrow1:04 PM | The Doctrina Christiana Online

I just spent the last two months discussing this -- the first book published in the Philippines (in 1593) -- among other things, with my Philippine literature classes, as we browsed over our literary history.

This copy of the Doctrina Christiana can be found in the Rare Books Archives of the U.S. Library of Congress. You can actually "browse" through it as with a real book.

Buti pa ang Kano, they have a copy of our own literary heritage. Do we have one ba? Oh, wait. Ambeth Ocampo writes in one of his colums:

This book is so rare there is only one copy in the entire universe and it is not in the National Library in Manila, but in Washington D.C. Yet, we do not have to fret because the Internet has made it possible for Filipinos in the Philippines to browse through this book and other materials from half the world away. Frankly, modern technology may have made the world a smaller place and research much simpler, but the basic tools of any historian -- curiosity, critical thinking, and openness to the material -- remain the same.

Read the rest of Ocampo's article here.

[via filipino librarian]

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