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Sunday, December 24, 2006

entry arrow10:18 AM | Headaches, Beauty Queens, and Selling Placenta Soap

I went to bed last night with a terrible, terrible headache. In hindsight, it must have been the two sleepless nights I spent cataloguing all my books -- and then uploading them into my Library Thing account. (Next goal: do the same for my film library.)

But it must have also been the sudden roadtrip to Bais I took yesterday with Mark. He was part of the caravan tapped to "endorse" Renew Placenta -- and we went there together with Miss Philippines 2005 Genebelle Raagas and Miss Earth Water 2006 Catherine Untalan. (See their website here.) They were lovely, lively, and fun -- although I took it as an embarassment that the local organizers had Cath sleep with her mattress on the floor in the tiny hotel room she was sharing with Jen and two others. Makaulaw kaayo. I didn't want them to think badly about my city, so Mark and I bought them silvanas fresh from Sans Rival this morning.

Arriving back in Dumaguete yesterday, Mark and I took the sudden free time we had that afternoon to have iced coffee and apple pie over at Chicco's. That's when the headache started, a tiny throbbing at first that progressed by the hour. I never got headaches before, so this one felt like an alien burrowing deep into my head. By the time Mark and the girls finished their motorcade around the city, all I wanted to do was go home, take Ponstan, and go to sleep. And I did. Which meant I missed out on their fashion show last night which Mark hosted. I also missed out on their late-night coffee in Why Not? But that's okay. I got my much-deserved rest, and now -- today -- I'm doing my Christmas shopping.

If I don't post for the next two days, that means I'm busy trying to catch the Christmas fever. And if you do see me around the city, you don't have to comment on it: I'm fat, and intentionally so. I've been eating like a pig in the past two weeks because I miss food, but I will go back on my diet promptly on the 26th.

Merry Christmas, people.

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