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Wednesday, May 09, 2007

entry arrow9:49 PM | Third Day of the Workshop

You know why I've been silent. Been busy -- slowly driving myself mad -- with organizing the National Writers Workshop in Dumaguete. With Mom Edith largely in need of rest, the delegation of tasks have taken on gargantuan proportions. Today, I just came back from the Wednesday outing session in Antulang Beach Resort, and it ran the whole day, and I had to cancel my early night class simply because I was too tired. Went to bed last night at 4 a.m. trying to connect millions of loose ends with thousands of things to do, and promptly woke up around 6:15 a.m. to catch the van ride to Siaton along with the other fellows and the panelists. Can you say no sleep? I have not been sleeping a lot lately, and sometimes I even forget to eat. And because Sawi Aquino did a disappearing act today, Susan Lara and Macariu Tiu -- the panelists for today -- invited me to become an instant part of the panel. Ladies and gentlemen, I'm officially "old." I have now become part of the workshop panel, hehehe. We all had a fun time in Antulang, courtesy of great friends Annabelle and Edo, complete with sinfully filling lunch, several snacks (the favorite being a salakot of fried ripe bananas dipped in sugar), and a tour around the sea and Tambobo Bay aboard the Annabelle Lee. And now I'm back to the comforts and demands of the city. I'm in La Residencia/Don Atilano with Mark trying out my new MacBook for the first time, using the restaurant's wifi. Having a new laptop is enough to forget all the tiredness of the past few weeks. I should blog again very soon.

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