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Thursday, July 26, 2007

entry arrow8:05 PM | Gibbs, the Past, Penises Talking, Banality, and Reviewing Local Theater

The brilliant and fearless Gibbs Cadiz, Philippine Daily Inquirer's own version of critic Ben Brantley or Kenneth Tynan, is somebody who does not hesitate to call a spade a spade in local theater. He is posting his old review of Joel Lamangan and Mel Chionglo's dreadful All About Men 2: Penis Talks Reloaded in his blog. Gibbs reminds me that that actually occasioned the first time we emailed each other. I'm thinking: I did? But a simple search through my Gmail brings me that exact missive, dated 24 October 2005. (That was such a long time ago!) I wrote Gibbs then: "Just read your review of Penis Talks. Finally. Someone fearless enough to call banality to its face in a national paper. We need criticism like this in the Philippines, where reviews often read like publicists's materials... So thanks." Bitchy! And Gibbs replied: "Thank you for your feedback and encouraging words, Mr. Casocot. Best regards." So formal naman, Gibbs! But who knew we'd be blogmates after that?

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