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Friday, July 27, 2007

entry arrow12:51 AM | 9 Things That Ticked Me Off This Week

1. A fat man telling me, with such gusto, that I had gained a little weight. "You filled up your barong last Monday!" he said. Fat people should never say that, especially those with mirrors in their houses.

2. A pseudo-feminist of a student journalist writing in The Weekly Sillimanian, making sweeping statements without doing her research. It's a retread of old whines about beauty pageants, something I don't buy anymore, because really it's just not true.

3. An older woman who is so clearly jealous of what I have accomplished thus far, she has tried to make my life a psychological hell. But enough. And she still has the guts to sound friendly every time she gets around my orbit. My style now is just to ignore her.

4. Not being listened to most of the time, and being accused of the same -- and in my head, I just tell myself: Hey, you do it, too.

5. Meat-eaters who make you feel like a weirdo for giving up on meat. The worst are the patronizing ones. "I don't think I can ever give up on meat," they gush. Nobody's asking you to, moron. It's not like I'm forcing anyone to go this way or that.

6. Every time George W. Bush opens his mouth.

7. Those who roll their eyes over global warming, or population control. I mean, for Pete's sake, I respect people for being at least gung-ho about taking care of this earth.

8. Prejudice without basis.

9. That whiny student I had kanina who complained about why I just dropped her from the class. "You were absent six times in a row!" I told her. And she whined some more.

Nakakainis! Whew. Now let me take a deep breath...

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