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Tuesday, October 09, 2007

entry arrow11:53 PM | Where in the World is Arnel Salgado?

People were wondering where Arnel Salgado disappeared to after enduring the most humiliating latest installment of his life. Not for penning the scabrously delightful The Fireless Inferno or Kidnapped by the Gods or Love in Time of Anguish, but for the sex scandal that "sullied" his name. Jara commented on my last post on Mr. Salgado: "Unfortunately, the cell number for ordering his new novel has not been on for weeks and he has not been answering correspondence sent to his email addresses."

Ladies and gentlemen, Salgado worshippers, and members of The Saucy Fellowship, the mystery has been solved. An announcement from the blog of the infamous novelist of the purple order reads: "Since my life was destroyed by the trumped up and unsubstantiated charges against me, I decided to go back to the MOUNTAIN and continue my struggle there. It is the ONLY place where I can find justice and peace. I was already judged by the people around me. I lost my DIGNITY, HONOR, PROFESSIONS and my FAMILY. I have to fight back and gain so much will to fight from my brothers and FORMER comrades in the communist movement. May the almighty FATHER guide me always. Nos cum prole pia, benedicat virgo Maria."

Bless you. Now you can sing your phantasies of air castles to the mountains of perchance. Don't stop writing those novels. Maybe a forthcoming one should be titled, Comrades of the Dignity Mountain...?

Before I let this go, I can't help but share Mr. Salgado's formula for perfect injustice:

½ t [an + bn + cn] = d
a = complainant with questionable motive
b = NBI agent who wants achievement and recognition
c = IMBESTIGADOR or any TV investigative show
d = (Dean) Injustice
t = truth or lie depending on the point of view of the complainant
n = number, 1,2,3…ad infinitum

I don't know what it means, but it reminds me of Imelda Marcos's crazy formulations about world peace and beauty. There's something about bogus mathematical expressions that snare in not-so-beautiful minds, I guess.

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