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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

entry arrow7:54 PM | In the Quiet. In the Storm of Things.

My body is a barometer for bad weather, sometimes. Well, most of the time. When the weather changes just so, my nose starts acting up, and the bed starts looking quite like temptation itself. But it's too easy to plead the flu. I'm the worst hypochondriac I know, so sometimes I doubt even my own symptoms. (My imagination can run wild.) Today, after many weeks of rainy weather, it's suddenly sweltering like a bad summer day -- all that trapped humidity wrecking havoc on much of my plans. But I can't let this get to me. I can't let this get to me. Walking home from work late this afternoon, I claimed heaven for health, and I meant it. I have tons of papers and exams to check and grade, and I've taken it upon myself to submit my final grades tomorrow. Because I really want to start my much-needed semestral break, then hole up in a hotel somewhere and finish my damn M.A. But I'm looking at my pad, and it looks like a battlefield -- the way it usually looks when major work makes its presence felt in my life. Everything's a mess, and I can't seem to make headway for any other plans until the perfectionist in me gets sated with a little bit of spring cleaning. Still: there are just so many deadlines to meet, and so many things to accomplish, all of them due yesterday. And to all my friends, I have a new phone and a new number. Been phoneless for many, many days now -- couldn't take anybody's calls or messages. Will be sending my new number soon, perhaps tomorrow, but really, I'm enjoying, at least for now, the utter simplicity of life without cellphones ringing. It's the nearest thing to bliss.


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