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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

entry arrow7:50 PM | Palanca Extends Deadline to May 5

My Baguio buddies Tara FT Sering and Rica Bolipata-Santos report from the front: the deadline for this year's Palanca Awards has been moved to May 5, 2008. Says an official-looking notice outside the Palanca office. Bago 'to. Bakit kaya? I'm not sure whether they moved the deadline before. The April 30 one has always been an iron-clad tradition that is now part of the ritual of many young writers' lives. Then again, the Carlos Palanca Foundation did move to a new place this year, did revise many details of their rules (which made Bing Sitoy and I scramble like mad today), and did release their forms a tad too late. Still, this is good news for those of us who've been toiling the past few days (and nights) trying to beat this year's deadline. There's a five-day reprieve, and a chance to revise. Now, go and finish everything.

Note: The submissions page in the official Palanca website seems to be collapsing from what I can imagine to be a flood of entries. Good luck na lang. The old email system they had for the past years seem more reliable. Haaaayyyy...

Update: Success! Finally uploaded everything in the website. (That's my authorization form above.) In fairness, it was kinda quick, although they shouldn't state sa Rules okay lang ang .rtf or ang .jpeg kung hindi naman okay. But that's all over and done with. Now I can finally go out and eat something. The Manila-based gang members -- Luis, Tara, Rica, Jun L., Jun B., Allan, Vince, Mookie, Bob -- are in Serendra tonight, for our Submit-to-the-Palanca Dinner, treat ni Jun. Kainggit naman. Frank and I are so far away from all the action. Ngak. Come September 1, we all will know how we all have fared. Frankly, Rica, I want a mango tree named after me in Casa San Miguel, hehehe.

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