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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

entry arrow8:16 PM | American Idol Fearless Forecast

With two more weeks to go before Season 7 wraps up, it's safe to announce to the world that I am a David Cook fan. Big time. I love his big head, his crazy hair, his almost arrogant stance every time he listens to the judges giving their say, his crossword puzzle obsession, and his original takes on most of the songs sent his way. But in this last race to the finish line, he will probably get eliminated this week, in the time-honored tradition of American Idol's late-in-the-season "upset." Which will leave the very talented Syesha Mercado to do battle with David Archuleta, but she won't get far -- the American Idol producers have been prepping the boy with the aw-shucks grin to win right from the very start. It's so obvious naman. And the whole brouhaha they are suddenly leaking about banning Archuleta's control-freak dad from backstage? It's to distract all of us, really, from the magic being cooked for the final results. 

Of course, I'd love to have a David vs. David finale. Will never happen.

But trust me, gaspy Mickey Mouse will win. (He does look like Mickey Mouse, no?) And what if I'm proven wrong? Who cares?


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