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Saturday, August 02, 2008

entry arrow12:11 AM | A Novel. Period.

That's it. The deadline has passed. And I've sent my novel in. Truth to tell, I'm not particularly in awe of my last chapter, and I know it will not even make the Man Asian shortlist, but -- I've actually finished my novel. I finished my novel in a week. This is the one thing every writer hopes to do at least once in their lives, but alas have mountains of excuses to let all opportunities to sit down and actually do it go. I actually did it. Beyond my expectations. And wrote most of it in a week. I have a novel. Whoa. It's actually scary. I have no more convenient excuse not to do anything else that approximate the same herculean effort.

The coming editing and revision, of course, will be drastic and vicious. But whoa, I have a novel. Hehehe. Now, I can go to sleep. Good night, people, and sweet dreams to one and all.

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