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Thursday, January 15, 2009

entry arrow7:07 PM | Epiphany and the Mysterious Ways of the Universe

You have to trust the universe -- you can call it God, if you want -- and allow it to make sense of the broken or haphazard pieces of your life through its infuriatingly subtle process, even if at the very beginning, you really don't or can't see the big picture at all. There have been many instances in the past year when I had to ask myself, Why this? Why me? What am I doing? Where is this leading to? Do I really want this? Do I need to take this risk? Why did that blow up in my face? How could I let myself become so embarrassed? And so on and so forth... (But what is life except a series of events fulfilling our eternal questions?)

Suddenly, one day, everything will just make sense. And you are all the better for it.

I had that epiphany today. It came at the tail-end of self-analysis that may still be in progress. But it took only one nudge from something to make the pieces start to fall into a certainty, a form I could grasp and understand. Finally, I could breathe easily.

Call it closure, if you will. I know it intimately as a sigh of relief.


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