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Sunday, September 27, 2009

entry arrow8:57 PM | Literature 21 Announcements


These are the plays to be presented by my Literature 21 classes (sections B, G, and H). Please take note of the venue, which may change, so please be updated in this blog. All presentations must and will begin at 7:30 PM.

Guys, remember to project your voice. And proper blocking is very important, and must be well done. We're not asking for Meryl Streep-acting, but try to be true to the personas of the characters as much as possible. And please respect the playwright and stay true to what they have written, or else we will not be able to appreciate the literariness of the materials. We need to hear the writer's voice.

Attendance to all presentations by all sections is a must, and each is given 30 points per show. I also would like to remind the presentation leaders to give me their evaluation form as soon as they can.

September 28, Monday
Section H Group 1
Luce Auditorium
Jun Lana's "June at Johnny"

September 29, Tuesday
Section B Group 1
Second Floor, Hibbard Hall
Dean Francis Alfar's "Short Time"

September 30, Wednesday
Section G Group 1
Woodward Little Theater
Rene O. Villanueva's "Asawa"

October 1, Thursday
Section B Group 2
Woodward Little Theater
Nikki Alfar's "Life After Beth"

October 5, Monday
Section H Group 2
Silliman Hall
Julian Cruz Balmaseda's "Sino Ba Kayo?"

October 8, Thursday
Section G Group 2
Woodward Little Theater
Glenn Sevilla Mas' "Games Young Boys Play"

Our last lecture for Sections B and G will be on October 1 (regular hours), and October 3 (1-5 PM) for Section H. Please download the following materials from a format of your choice (although I advise on downloading all formats): Lecture on Poetry (PPT or PDF or MS Word); Lecture on the Novel (PPT or PDF); and Lecture on Komiks (PPT). The files are all stored in my FileDen account, which accommodates fairly large files. Just click on the links to download them.

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