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Monday, August 23, 2010

entry arrow10:43 AM | Betrayal

I quickly realize that for the most part we are really clueless with many things in life. This is especially true with things we frankly have no emotional connection with. We cannot know everything. But with some things, we are like sniffing dogs, our senses acute to things not readily perceptible. We are all idiot savants that way. We have trained our hearts to seek out the tiny ebbs and flows of things we love. And having said that, I must say this: yes, dear, I know. I was listening to that conversation that night when the universe turned on one particular topic. And, without meaning to, I could tell what you were not telling anyone. I could tell it by just the slight change in your voice, the slightest urgency for deflection by your words, and by your impassive face that tried to say nothing but betrayed everything.

For a moment, everything came to a stand still for me.

Do you know the funny thing about the heart breaking? It does so without thunder and lightning. It just wilts.

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