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Saturday, April 30, 2016

entry arrow5:34 PM | A Long, Dark Corridor Without an End

What we see of Eva Green's Vanessa Ives and her character arc in the first episode of the new and very promising season of Penny Dreadful is a perfect portrait of depression -- and of a depressive aching for a reprieve. "All has not gone well with me here. I've been low and sedentary, unwilling to go outside, sunk into a kind of an unhealthy lethargy, sunk into something like my own sadness," she writes Sir Malcolm. "... Perhaps that is the root of what has been troubling me. I have left my faith. Or it has left me. Thus, my prospects seemed only a long, dark corridor without an end. I have done things in my life for reasons that seemed right and even moral in their violent immorality. And now I stand without that God upon whom I have always depended. But please do not fear for me. I have no fear myself. The old monsters are gone. The old curses have echoed to silence. And if my immortal soul is lost to me, something yet remains. I remain. So I sign off now with hope, and, as ever, with love... Vanessa."

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