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Monday, May 02, 2016

entry arrow1:09 AM | A Meditation on Small Towns, Technology, and Memory Among the Rye

I just read this amusing and thoughtful account of a man trying to find out whether technology has changed his isolated North Dakota hometown. (Also, Catcher in the Rye.) I love particularly how it begins by sizing up the very smallness of the town. Rex Sorgatz writes:

"... [H]ere, on the great plains of Dakota, where I lived until the day I turned 18, stands a halfling of a town called Napoleon, a name so imperial that it can only be interpreted as a sarcastic joke to anyone who visits its restful streets. Descriptions of Napoleon resemble a listless thesaurus recitation of the word remote, so I often resort to numbers to illustrate its lilliputian properties: zero stop lights, two bars, three gas stations, and four churches. The downtown of Napoleon stretches one block — one hardware store, one restaurant, one three-lane grocery store, one drugstore, and one bank."

Read the rest of this wonderfully written article over at Backchannel.

Photos by Andrew Spear

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