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Wednesday, May 04, 2016

entry arrow8:20 PM | Millennials and Martial Law

This video below [made by the Campaign Against the Return of the Marcoses] is powerful stuff. Do you have to face a Martial Law victim pa to be convinced of their story? This is why for those I know who are voting for Bongbong Marcos (and thank God, there's not a lot of them), I have not unfriended you in my social media. But in real life, you're not my friend anymore. You are a traitor to history and common decency.*

Also, because March 4 is National Artist for Literature Nick Joaquin's birthday, here's an article from the archives of Rogue Magazine where Kris Lacaba details how the legend helped his father, the poet Pete Lacaba, get released from Martial Law prison.

* I have found belated joy in just pouring out my id -- unribald, ad hominem derision -- on Marcos-loving traitors. No more well-reasoned discourse, because that has never been their language anyway. To quote Game of Thrones: "Shaaaaaame. Shaaaaame. SHAAAAAAME!"

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