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Thursday, January 17, 2019

entry arrow12:37 PM | Taking Back Control of My Life

Today I start taking back control of my life and I know exactly where to start.

I’ve identified one huge thing that I am passionate about but, alas, also one that has kept me from fulfilling what I’ve needed to do—although I am perfectly aware it can stand postponement or delay. So I’ve deleted all its manifestations in my laptop, just so I cannot be tempted to while away my time with it when I can use time for other more important things.

There’s also Task Paralysis. It’s real. Defeating it is really all about imposing clarity. And so, just now, I’ve finally managed to transfer and record all the unfulfilled to-do’s from last year’s Muji notebook to this year’s new one. All the previous and still important to-do’s have been bulleted—and lined up like the way they are right now on the pages of my notebook, they’ve attained a kind of concrete presence and are no longer some specter I cannot seem to defeat, because unseen. They suddenly seem doable.

Let’s do this, 2019.


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