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This is the blog of Ian Rosales Casocot. Filipino writer. Sometime academic. Former backpacker. Twink bait. Hamster lover.

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Wednesday, July 31, 2019

entry arrow12:36 AM | Finishing a 20-Year-Old Story

I finally finished writing the short story I've been trying to finish for the past 20 years. When it came together today, I couldn't help but shed a tear or two. I never thought I'd get to conclude it; I've tried abandoning it before, but somehow I still kept going back to it, at least once a year, each revision a key to a tiny piece of revelation I did not quite get yet. All I knew was that I had to follow a medical intern during a night of duty at the local hospital, and then into the ER comes this boy who has been stabbed by an ice pick. I started writing it 20 years ago when a friend of mine -- Dennis Mainit -- was stabbed in Barefoot [now Cafe Racer] with an ice pick, and the events of the past few days somehow brought back all the memories. But I think I had to be the age I am now to understand what I was trying to do with this story, and now it's finished.

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